Troy Vendor

Her Love Collections Vendor Store is a vendor retail space highlighting local artists and small businesses.

Our Requirements

  • Respect for Her Love Co. owner, staff and vendors.
  • Promote your retail rental space. Highly engaged in social media on Instagram. Your business gains more customers when you are 100% invested in growing it.
  • Categories: Candles, Clothing, Jewelry, Candles, Artwork, Handmade items, decor surrounding metaphysical and spirituality, personal development and empowering women.

Small Retail Rental Space To Sell Your Products Without The Hassle Of Owning A Retail Store

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How much does it cost?

Vendors are charged a monthly rent depending on their footprint. We have shelf spaces, tables and booth space at a monthly rate ranging from $49-$300/month + 15% commission on sold items based on availability. These costs cover the overhead for the store such as rent, utilities, merchant fees, advertisements and the cost of running the shop during open hours.

195 river st

Space Available:

Currently accepting vendors for April -Wall Space (1)
-Shelf Space (4)

For: Art & Metaphysical Products

When will vendors receive payment for sales?

Payments are issued bi-weekly through ACH.

Do you require insurance?

Yes. General liability insurance is required to be a vendor at Her Love Collections Boutique. Insurance will coverage damage, theft and more.

How do I submit my monthly payments?

Payments can be submitted on or before the 1st of the month in ACH or PayPal.

Can customer return or exchange items?

No. Since sales are closed out and payments are issued weekly, there’s no way to refund a sale. Customers are informed of this via signage. Vendors can resolve customer issues independent of Her Love Collections but are not required to. If a vendor has a pattern of custom dissatisfaction, they may not be renewed for their lease.

How many vendors of each niche/category will the store have?

We try to limit vendors working in the same niche/category per section. Those will have distinguishing styles. Art, Beauty and Metaphysical

Can I participate in the weekend pop up?

Yes, vendors have the opportunity to do pop ups in front of the store on Saturdays. You have the opportunity to build a customer base with the traffic in the Troy farmers market.

Can I decorate my space how I wish?

Yes. I encourage you to stay on brand.

Do you have any questions? Please email me at

Apply to become a vendor
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Applications are evaluated based on space available, current product in store and suitability to the market. I encourage you to apply even if I don’t have your desired space type available at this time. I will put you on the list for consideration when spaces become available!