Crossgates Vendors

A vendor retail space highlighting arising creative and handmade small businesses from the neighborhood.  Her Love Collections holds a variety of one of a kind unique products you won’t find in another store. Sell and advance your items in a retail space.

Where will we be located? The old Hallmark space. Near these stores.


Categories: Candles, Clothing, Jewelry, Bath Products, Skin care, Candles, Artwork, Cosmetics, Handmade items.  Other categories please reach out to me personally before applying:

Support: Highly engaged in social media on Instagram. Weekly a vendor must post about Her Love Collections and/or their items via in-store. 


-Rent Space to sell your products without all of the overhead costs.
-Assistance from the owner and other businesses building your customer base.
-Plan your own space in a that represents your brand.
-You don’t have to work in the store 5 to 7 days a week.  
-Social media promotion included.
-LIVE social media videos included.
-Local advertisement included. 
-Monthly business and marketing newsletter: tips and opportunities.

Space Available:

  • 1 Shelf (4 ft x 1 ft: $87.50/ month
  • 2 shelves (4 ft x 1 ft each): $175 /month
  • 4 shelves (4 ft x 1 ft each: $300 /month

    *Height is flexible in most cases
  • Table (4-6ft”): $150 /month
  • 9 shelves center cart (2 ft x 1 ft each) + top shelf: $400/month
  • *$50 fee for the holiday months of November and December
  • (Updated as of: 08/21/22)

Currently accepting 1 and 2 shelf space

When will vendors receive payment for sales?

Payments are issued through ACH.

Is there a deposit for new vendors?

Yes. Vendors pay a deposit equal to their rent that will be applied as last month’s rent if the leave the space.

Do you require insurance?

Yes. Vendor General liability insurance is required to be a vendor at Her Love Collection Vendor Store.

As a vendor, do I have to work?

There are no requirements to work in the store. However, you do have the option to offset your rent by working. There are 4 hour shifts available in Crossgates. You choose your days and shifts in advance.

It is a great opportunity to save on rent and also network and sell your products in person.

Can customer return or exchange items?

No. Since sales are closed out and payments are issued weekly, there’s no way to refund a sale. Customers are informed of this via signage. Vendors can resolve customer issues independent of Her Love Collections but are not required to. If a vendor has a pattern of custom dissatisfaction, they may not be renewed for their lease.

How many vendors of each niche/category will the store have?

We try to limit vendors working in the same niche/category per section. Those will have distinguishing styles.

Can I participate in the weekend pop up?

Yes, vendors have the opportunity to do pop ups in-store on Saturday & Sundays.

Can I schedule classes?

Yes, vendors have the opportunity to do pop ups in-store Monday – Friday .
AM slot and Evening slot.

What is your policy on restocking?

Vendors are responsible for labeling their products and getting the product to the store.

Do you have any questions? Please email me at

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